Do you enjoy flowers and being around them?  Are you are looking for a way to enter the world of Flower Design in an easy and enjoyable way?  If yes, consider our Floral Design Classes.   They are done in a relaxed, easy to follow manner.  You will learn the creativity, practical mechanics and handling of  flowers to create beautiful floral designs.  The classes are suitable for beginners and for those who have some previous floral design experience. 

The things you will learn in our classes are:

  • European hand tied bouquettes, including bridal bouquettes
  • European designs for table
  • Contemporary and traditional floral arrangements for home, office, special occasion
  • How to buy and take care of fresh flowers, including a visit to a local flower market
  • ClassicThe basic principles involved for hand tied arrangements and contemporary and traditional techniques.
  • Flower designs for large venues such as churches and banquett hall and for a special event

Wednesday Night, 7 - 9 pm (evening class), cost $69 per person
-price includes all materials and you get to take your flower arrangments home

Saturdays, 10 - 1 pm (day class), cost $80  per person
-Price includes all materials and flowers, and you get to take your flower arrangment home.

Location:  330 Avenue Road, Toronto ON M4V 2H3
To register for floral design classes or if you have any questions please contact us directly.



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